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Feb 23, 2019


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» In a conference entitled “New Opportunities in the Middle East” held by Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce on 26 March, Mrs. Mostofi represented the Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran to elaborate on the unique opportunities which are open to foreign investors. Having introduced Iran, its economic and political...
» This week Iranians began dealing with a new phase of reduced fuel subsidies and increased gasoline prices. The new gasoline prices were announced at midnight on April 24 by the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC).The price for the semi-subsidized gasoline will be 7,000 rials per liter...
» Paving the Way
After the Islamic revolution of Iran, the government nationalized domestic and foreign companies and confiscated foreign capitals. Following the revolution and war, political instability and economic stagnation dominated the country
» Return of the Cranes
Reza Kimiaie: As the first step towards implementing economic reforms in China, Deng Xiaoping held out the hand of friendship to the millions of Chinese migrants with considerable capital collected through years of economic activities in different countries. Hasan Rouhani has also talked of Open Door policy and invited foreign businesses to invest in the country. Similarly, Ali Larijani, the Parliament Spokesman, eyes to repatriate estimated funds of 800 billion dollars by attracting Iranian diaspora to return to the country. To this end, he has called on the heads of Tehran and Iran Chambers of Commerce to pave the ground for their return. However, they believe extending such an invitation requires firm determination from the government side. Dr. Yahya Al Eshagh optimistically believes such undertaking is possible; on the other hand, Mr. Gholamhossein Shafei thinks “a daunting task lies ahead but we can if we want to”.
» ?Will Iran’s inflation rebound
So far the most visible improvement in the economy since Rouhani administration took office last August has been lower inflation. Last Bahman (Iranian month ending on February 20, 2014) the Consumer Price Index (published by the Central Bank) showed virtually no increase; the same month a year earlier it had jumped by 5.3%.
» German trade delegation
The director of the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran has expressed the Islamic Republic’s readiness to enhance economic and trade ties with Germany.
» The only Option
“Iran will accept the final step provided that all the imposed sanctions are lifted .” Said Majid Takht-Ravanchi, Iran’s deputy foreign minister for European and American Affairs.
» Emigrants to be invited
Ardor for inviting investors has begun. And this is inspired by the government and consultative assembly members who are talking louder about this “Call” and “the advantages of returning financiers back to Iran”.
» Afghanistan Elections
Sara Massoumi: Elections in Afghanistan have gone according to expectations up to now. Dr. Abdollah Abdollah who was born to a Tajik mother and Pashtun father and claims that governors stole his votes in 2009, now stands on the first place of public votes. According to recent vote-counting, Abdollah Abdollah leads and Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzi stands on the second place. Dr. Abdollah Abdollah Emphasizes that he has been to the detriment of irregularities and fraud occurred in this election more than others but these irregularities are less than those occurred in 2009.
» Permanent Costa Rican representative to the UN Eduardo Ulibarri says sanctions against Iran, particularly on its oil sector, have had many adverse consequences on the global economy.
» International Monetary Fund:
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says the Egypt and other Middle East states should look to the Islamic Republic as a model for how to cut subsidies. Iran ventured where few of its regional rivals dared in 2010 when it raised fuel prices.
» US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner:
US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says the financial crisis in the eurozone plus the Western dispute over Iran’s nuclear energy program, which led to the country’s decision to halt crude exports to some European countries, have jeopardized the US economy.


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