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1- Presentation of the decisions of the specialized commissions of the chamber to the three branches of the government with a view of : a) promoting the private sector, b) suggesting solutions to some issues faced by economic development of the country and c)making possible contribution to the legislation and policies of the Executive branch and the parliament (Majles)as well;
2- Provision of facilities and technical assistance ,in cooperation with organization of Investment and technical & Economic Assistance ,in the field of foreign investment attraction;
3- Establishment of liaison and cooperation with national business and economic associations, including at the level of the chmber's members;
4- Establishment of relations and cooperation with chambers of commerce, Industries and mines of other countries;
5- Issuance and extension of business license and chamber's membership card;
6- Issuance certificate of origin;
7- Authentication of commercial documents and deeds;
8- Applying for business visa for the member;
9- Organizing educational courses on taxation and foreign trade;
10- Provision of consulting services on foreign investment in Iran;
11- Provision of consulting services on legal affairs(on site or on-line through the chamber's website);
12- Provision of consulting services on tax affairs(on site or on-line through the chamber's website);
13- Provision of consulting services on social services(on site or on-line through the chamber's website);
14- Provision of consulting services on current law and regulations of the country which are related to foreign trade(on site or on- line through the chamber's website);
15- Provision of consulting services and marketing for export products (on site or on-line through the chamber's website);
16- Facilitation of participation in domestic and international fairs and exhibitiona;
17- Exchange of business and trade delegations with sister chambers in other countries;
18- Issuance carpet identification cards
19- Issuance of recommendations for the chamber's members for membership in other chambers and joint councils
20- Resolution of disputes with governmental institutions;
21- Arbitration and resolution of the disputes between businessmen;
22- Distribution of the chamber's publications;
23- Issuance of recommendations for the candidates for export's prize;
24- Exchange of trade information on the regional and global level;
25- Establishment of think tank centers for the promotion of private sector for playing its principal role in revitalization and promotion of the country's economy;
26- Organizing , as the representative of private sector, special exhibitions for products and services of Tehran province;
27- Establishment of liaison and cooperation with foreign diplomatic missions and international organizations in Tehran;
28- Development of database for the chamber's members towards their promotion in trade guide portals;
29- Provision of the possibility for on-line communications on the chamber's website between sellers and buyers of goods and services creation of more trade
opportunities; 30- Empowerment of businesswomen of the chamber in international trade through the promotion of businesswomen's council with a view of the development of the country's economy;
31- Implementation, maintenance and steady improvement of quality management system towards the realization of the chamber's target on the basis of ISO 9001:2000;
32- Provision of daily bulletins to the chamber's council of representative;
33- Organizing press meeting and conferences
34- Promotion of cooperation with the related organizations of standardization of goods and services;
35- Promotion of Research and development on economic issues
36- Promotion of Research and development on foreign trade and foreign investment attraction.


شرکت مدیریت دارایی مرکزی بازار سرمایه سازمان توسعه و تجارت گمرک جمهوری اسلامی ایران سازمان بورس اوراق بهادار سازمان امور مالیاتی کشور شرکت سهامی نمایشگاههای بین المللی جمهوری اسلامی ايران مرکز آمار ایران
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